Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting ready to make this place a home

So, all our stuff is coming tomorrow and the previous tenant had finally taken off his lamps.
As expected there are hole all over the ceiling, scuff marks and discoloration. Will have to cover all this up before the furniture comes. Living in an empty apartment has it's advantages I guess... :)
Also, the genius used some plaster based white wash for some of the walls that I guess were less than perfect, and that stuff rubs of like crazy! Not a good thing when half the wardrobe is black! So yesterday we headed to OBI, the local equivalent to Home Depot (btw, I LOVE that place, will be going back for sure, so much stuff I can DIY with their help... :) ) and got some putty, a putty knife, paint, brushes and so on.

Now I'm off to covering all the holes, then repainting the walls (thank got it's not the whole apartment, but it's still plenty) and then the ceiling. Will hang the lights we got here, and I guess we will be ready for tomorrow. :)

4 hours later:


AFTER (The hook is a set up for our lamp, used their hole)



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