Friday, December 28, 2012

Moving, again...

Today we are finally getting the keys to the apartment and checking in. Before that a quick trip to IKEA, then off to the apartment to get the keys and to wait for delivery of the new stuff. A couple of trips from our current place should be enough to move all our things and we are officially spending New Year's at our new
home! :)

The exterior shots:

Keep looking for the inside:
These shots and the tree once were actually made on the day we moved, the 31st, but I was to lazy to make a separate post for them, so enjoy.

We got our New Years tree on the 24th since it's only sold for Christmas and we would've been without one if we'd waited until after we got the keys. Moving a Christmas tree in a train on the 31st did earn us some looks I must say. :)

Here it is in all it's glory! 

Some "after" shots!

There were huge sales on decorations after 26th, and since we needed them for 31st we made out great!
Take a look at some of our new European beauties... :)

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